Microsoft Access—Why Choose it as a Development Platform?

There are many good reasons for choosing Microsoft Access as the development platform for your business database application.

Microsoft Access is available with the Microsoft Office Professional suite of business products therefore no additional database software is required if your company purchases computers with this suite of products pre-installed.

If your company does not have Microsoft Access installed on its computers, the “runtime” version of Microsoft Access is freely distributable and can be used to run your database. There is no need to specially purchase Microsoft Access.

Access is a rapid application development tool. Systems developed using Microsoft Access are fast to develop. Due to the nature of Microsoft Access it is possible to get a system up and running in much less time than with other development environments. This means that your business can benefit from the cost and time savings.

Access systems are low risk. Systems built with Access are built on standard technology. Due to the widespread use of Microsoft Systems worldwide, you will never find yourself in the situation where your system will have to “be rewritten” because it’s out of date. Your business will always be able to update it. Also, Access programmers are readily available worldwide, protecting your investment.

Microsoft Access Systems are fast to modify. If your database requires modifications or additions, the new “frontend” of the database can be uploaded to you and seamlessly installed without any disruption to users.